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Tooth-coloured Fillings

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Tooth-coloured Fillings


If you require a filling in your tooth, a cosmetic option would be to choose a tooth-coloured (Composite) filling material that blends to your surrounding natural teeth. You can also have any existing metal fillings replaced with tooth-coloured fillings. This will allow you to smile without a metallic glint in sight, giving your teeth a more natural appearance overall.


the procedure

  • We will carefully remove any decay from your tooth, or take out damaged fillings or dental amalgam fillings if you are having them replaced
  • The new filling is made from a very hard tooth-coloured material that will withstand the biting forces in your mouth when you chew
  • The filling is completed in one visit and will not be visible when you smile

Life Benefits:

  • Natural-looking
  • Amalgam and Mercury free
  • Hard-wearing solution

FAQs About Tooth Coloured Fillings - The Dentist Leeds

What Is A Tooth Coloured Filling?

Fillings used to be a cause of much discomfort and although the results were effective in overall dental health, aesthetically they were unsightly. There was no hiding the dark, metallic looking appearance in teeth. Fortunately, dental fillings are now less obvious thanks to materials that can be matched to the same colour as your existing teeth. Tooth coloured fillings are so inconspicuous, they correct cavities without announcing to the world that you’ve had corrective dental work.

Why Would I Need Tooth Coloured Fillings?

Fillings are the most common type of dental work needed by most patients. Even those who are diligent with their dental hygiene can end up with cavities. All is takes is one tiny hole in a tooth. Left unnoticed, a cavity will expand and when it does, you will feel it. It may start with a little sensitivity when you eat something that is too hot or too cold. Before long, you can experience pain every time you eat or drink, or even take a sharp breath of cold air. Leave it too long, and the decay causing the cavity will spread until your tooth can no longer be saved.

What Can I Expect In The Dentist’s Chair?

At The Dentist, we’ll examine your teeth to uncover any problems. Under a local anaesthetic, we will remove any of the damaged tooth and impurities, give your affected tooth a thorough cleaning and fill it with a tooth coloured filling. The tooth coloured filling will blend with your remaining teeth so you’ll have a nice-looking tooth without the cavity.

What Are The Advantages Of Tooth Coloured Fillings?

The main advantage of tooth coloured fillings is that you can prevent further damage to your affected tooth. The sooner you fix a tooth, the easier it is and you can be certain to keep your tooth for a lot longer. Tooth coloured fillings are also much better than their amalgam predecessors because they completely blend in with your existing tooth. Your dentist will shape the filling so that it will be undetectable and after the initial procedure, you won’t even notice you’ve had the filling done.

How Long Will A Tooth Coloured Filling Last?

We all know that most people have a negative image of visiting the dentist so when they do have dental work done, they want the work to last. Tooth coloured fillings are generally long lasting. In most cases, they will last between 5 and 7 years. If you maintain a good dental hygiene regimen and are careful with what you eat, you may even go a few extra years before you need to have your tooth coloured filling replaced.

How Long Do I Need To Wait After The Procedure Before I Can Eat?

You won’t need to wait too long after having a tooth coloured filling placed in an affected tooth. In most cases, you can eat something soft about 30 minutes following this procedure and you can resume your usual diet within 24 hours of having tooth coloured filling work. It may take a few days to get used to the new shape of your tooth, but other than that, you’ll be able to resume your usual eating habits in a day or so.

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our membership plans

We accept referrals from general dentists for specialist treatments and we train dentists to enchance their own skills through courses we run.