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where to find us

351 Harrogate Road
LS17 6PZ

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At The Dentist, we have embraced the newest technologies available in dentistry. Digital dentistry describes the software and hardware that enable a second-to-none in dental planning and a more efficient & predictable treatment execution.


You will feel and be more in control of your dental health as well as in a safer environment because of this.


With Digital Smile Design and Invisalign ‘Itero’ scanning, we can digitally plan your desired look and appearance. With digital scanning instead of messy dental moulds, we can efficiently, gently and cleanly scan teeth for crowns & veneers.


We can fully digitise our patients with CT 3D X-rays and digital scanning. No more relying on the old dental charting – we can look back digitally and compare you to you in real time frames!


Our affiliated and on-site dental lab also embraces digital dentistry with CAD CAM (computer aided design and computer aided manufacture) and 3D printing techniques. Our efficiencies mean that crowns and inlays can be completed within the same day and sometimes within the hour!!


Our digital X-ray imaging enables the best X-ray diagnosis with reduced radiation exposure for our patients. The latest software’s aid planning and execution for dental surgery treatments.


Digital dentistry puts you in safer and more efficient hands!


our membership plans

we accept referrals from general dentists for special treatments and we train dentist to enchance their own skills through courses we run.

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