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where to find us

351 Harrogate Road
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Digital smile design is a treatment planning tool we use to custom design a persons smile. By using simple photography and digital scanning techniques we ‘digitize’ our patients. A smile is then created to harmonise with the face whilst keeping with ideal cosmetic tooth shape and proportions.

We use 3D printing to show our patients what the ideal smile will look like, not only on the computer, but also in the patients own mouth! Once you have accepted your proposed treatment plan, you can help co-design your own smile and shape of teeth!


By digitizing the patient, and by having a dental ceramist within our premises, we can recreate the planned smile into the end result. You will know what to expect from beginning to end. Our efficiency and predictability is much better when compared to more traditional approaches.

DSD planning allows us to more effectively plan your case. Our scanning and Invisalign straightening systems link seamlessly together, once again increasing the predictability and outcome for you as the patient.

digital smile design young woman 3D scan

the procedure

Our treatment coordinator will arrange for photographs and video recordings of your face and smile, in a relaxed manner


  • A digital scan of your teeth is taken
  • A CT scan of the teeth may be taken in advanced cases
  • All the information is added to the software and you are then ‘digitized’!
  • An appointment is then made to visualise your plan on the computer and also to see the proposition in real life on your teeth!


Life Benefits:


  • Non-invasive treatment planning
  • The most modern techniques will demonstrate your own smile to your actual face!
  • Increased control and predictability for both the dentist and you as the patient

our membership plans

We accept referrals from general dentists for special treatments and we train dentist to enhance their own skills through courses we run.

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