- Sep 15, 2020

Restoring Smiles with Crowns fit for a King


At The Dentist Leeds, we like to treat every client like a VIP and our crowns are just the ticket for those looking for a regal finish to their smile. If you’re interested in porcelain crowns fit for a king, look no further!

About dental crowns

Dental crowns are restorations, which are used to treat decayed or damaged teeth; they sit over the top of the tooth to provide greater strength and enhance the function of the tooth. Crowns are sometimes known as caps and they can be made from a variety of different materials, including precious metals and ceramics, including porcelain.

You may be advised to have a crown if you have damaged your tooth in an accident or you’ve suffered a dental injury while playing sport, for example, you have had a large filling in the past, the tooth is severely decayed or you have an infection, which has spread to the pulp tissue (a new crown is usually placed following root canal treatment in this case). We may also use crowns when bridge work or dental implant treatment are carried out.

How is a crown fitted?

The procedure to fit a crown usually spans two sessions; the first session is used to prepare the tooth and create the impression for the crown, while the second session is used to fit the crown. Each crown is custom-made to ensure that it fits perfectly over the top of the existing tooth structure and we recommend porcelain crowns for a completely natural looking finish.

How long should a crown last?

Crowns are not built to last a lifetime, but they should last for several years. It’s important to look after your crowned tooth in the same way as your other teeth; if you care for your crown well, it should last up to 10 years.