- May 15, 2020

Lingual Braces Let You Smile Confidently During Treatment


At The Dentist, we understand the importance of feeling confident when you smile and we offer a range of impressive orthodontic treatments to provide effective results with minimal impact on your looks. With lingual braces, patients can undergo treatment that is a complete secret, so you can get the straight smile of your dreams without any anxieties about the way you look during the treatment stage.

What are lingual braces?
Lingual braces offer patients an alternative to traditional fixed braces and they make the impossible dream of undergoing treatment in secret possible. These braces look similar to traditional braces, but they are attached to the back of the teeth, so they are completely invisible when you smile. Lingual braces are smaller and lighter than conventional braces and they use friction-free force to prevent discomfort.

We have lingual brace systems to cater for patients with diverse orthodontic needs, from minor issues to complex problems, which require significant correction.

STb Social 6 braces
STb Social 6 braces are lingual braces, which are specifically designed to treat issues with the front teeth (also known as the social 6). These light braces focus solely on the front teeth, cutting treatment time and ensuring amazing aesthetics. The average treatment time for this system is just 16 weeks.

Incognito is a bespoke lingual brace system, which uses high-grade materials and the latest technology to align the teeth and create stunning smiles. Incognito braces are generally suited to people who require more intensive treatment and it offers an invisible option for patients who have been advised to have fixed braces.

If you are interested in lingual braces or you’ve been searching for an invisible solution for orthodontic issues for as long as you can remember, now is the perfect time to call us and book your consultation!