- Jul 15, 2020

How Can Composite Bonding by a Leeds Dentist Transform my Smile?


If you’re looking for a simple, affordable and amazingly effective means of transforming your smile, we recommend composite bonding. This painless, quick procedure can transform worn, uneven and misshapen teeth into beautiful, healthy-looking pearly whites in no time.

What is composite bonding?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic procedure, which involves using dental composite, a versatile tooth-coloured dental material, to make aesthetic changes to individual teeth. Bonding provides an effective solution for patients who have worn and uneven tooth surfaces, chipped teeth, misshapen teeth and spaces between the teeth and it presents a more affordable, faster and less invasive alternative to veneer treatment.

Bonding involves the use of dental composite, which has a putty-like consistency at room temperature. Your dentist crafts and shapes the composite to make adjustments to the teeth, such as filing in worn edges and repairing chips and once they are happy with the positioning of the composite, they use a curing light to set it, making it firm. After the composite has hardened, any final modifications can be made and you can see the results for yourself!

How could composite bonding benefit me?

If you have an unsightly gap between your teeth or you feel self-conscious because you have chipped or worn teeth, composite bonding is an excellent solution. Treatment takes just one hour, there’s no pain involved, so you don’t need to worry about anaesthetic or injections and the results are incredible. By making minor adjustments to individual teeth, the overall aesthetic of the smile is greatly improved and the results are visible straight away. 

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