- Jun 07, 2021

Dental hygiene for brace wearers


The 4th of June is Donut Day-not the best for your teeth and gums, especially if you are wearing braces. Many people throughout the UK wear braces, both fixed and removable, in order to straighten and improve the appearance of their smile. However, many should take note that while wearing their braces it is ideal that they maintain a very high standard of dental hygiene, to prevent the development of decay and damage that can occur.

Why does dental decay occur when people are wearing braces?

The metal or plastic brackets of fixed braces are an ideal place for food debris and bacteria to make a new home. Food that is left stuck to a brace is likely to attract bacteria, which then form plaque that eats away at the tooth enamel. This can cause not only aesthetic problems but also physical problems, with the potential for cavities and holes to form in once-healthy teeth. The same problem can affect people who wear removable braces if they also forget to clean their braces after eating a meal.

 What can I do to keep my teeth and braces clean?

 There are many ways to keep your teeth and braces clean, but one of the most important is to always clean them after eating a meal. Food is more likely to stick to your teeth after a meal if you are wearing braces, so you need to take those extra steps when you have finished eating to remove excess food, to prevent it from settling on your teeth all day.  

The best tools to use when cleaning your brace and teeth include:

Interdental brushes -small brushes that can fit between your teeth and the brackets of your brace

Special brace-wash-this is ideal for those wearing removable braces and you can just pop your braces in a glass with the brace-wash and let it get to work

Regular mouthwash-mouthwash can reach into the nooks and crannies of your mouth and even in-between teeth and brace brackets.